How to prevent box from overheating?

The MAG set-top box is a passive cooling device without fans. The design of the unit, due to ventilation slots, provides free ventilation of internal electronic elements and the dissipation of excess heat generated during the box operation. The shape of the air vents and their location on the housing depends on the model of the box.

Non-compliance with the requirements of ambient temperature and recommendations for the placement (installation) of the device can cause the unit to overheat. In turn, overheating, especially occurring over a long period, can lead to a deterioration in the quality parameters of the set-top box, a spontaneous reboot, up to the failure of the box.

Recommendations for preventing the box from overheating:

1. Observe the operating temperature and humidity requirements specified in the instruction manual of the set-top box. As a rule, this is a range of 1 ... 40 °C; 5% - 93% RH.

2. Follow the next installation rules:

  • place the set-top box only on a solid flat surface, which gives the necessary ventilation clearance of the bottom panel of the case;
  • keep the set-top box in a clean place free from excessive ingress of dust and other small particles;
  • provide the free space around the unit necessary for ventilation and cooling of the set-top box;
  • do not cover the box and do not close the ventilation slots on the case in any other way;
  • do not install the set-top box in close distance to other devices and objects that radiate heat.

Examples of improper installation of the box, which can lead to its overheating:

  • on a soft surface such as carpet or upholstered furniture;
  • in a place open to sunlight, which leads to overheating of the case;
  • in a closed cabinet or rack, without ventilation;
  • in an external case that blocks the ventilation openings;
  • on the stack - several devices on top of each other, etc.

During the operation of the set-top box, be aware that heating the processor and other microcircuits leads to a moderate increase in box temperature, which is the norm.

Depending on the model of the box and the mode of its operation, the allowable heating of the processor can reach 100 ° C. As a result, the temperature of the body of the box can reach 60 ° С. Thus, in some cases, the housing may be “hot”. However, providing the above environmental requirements and free air exchange, this should not affect the operation of the unit.

In case of unusual situations and any malfunctioning of the set-top box, you should contact the technical support service.

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